About Brad Walker

Brad Walker

With his aptitude to draw accurately and quickly from any perspective, paired with a strong work ethic, Brad began earning a living with illustration before obtaining his degree at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Brad found that painting with traditional oils on illustration board was the most powerful way to communicate. The rich pigment and deep layers absorbing or reflecting light provided the perfect medium for Brad to develop his style. "I have always emulated the classic masters, as well as contemporary artist’s who utilize bold contrast, unusual perspective, strong form, and innovative ideas." Brad’s style is best described as realism with a twist, stopping just short of surreal.

Graduation spurred a move to the east coast to be in close proximity to the publishing industry. Originally based in Connecticut, Brad has built a strong clientele with magazines book publishers, advertising/design agencies and motion pictures.

Brad shifted from designing with oils and brushes to digital layers utilizing Photoshop and has mastered the software. It enables him to research and compile images with lightning speed, adding more detail, spontaneity and accuracy to his images. The new technology connects Brad with people and markets across the nation. Communicating via email with clients is instantaneous, enabling Brad to provide color comps, accurate revisions, and finished digital illustrations within a tight timeline..

Brad’s latest endeavors are large dimensional works of art using the skills he has developed over the years as an Illustrator. Using digital media to make the initial compositions, he transfers to canvas the images and renders them in oils. "I feel I’ve come full circle as an artist, and am really excited to be working with oil paint again!"

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